Attorneys, Deputies and Dalmatians

One would not think that an elderly affectionate Dalmatian would feature in the professional life of a Senior Partner in a Law Firm, yet Basil* a much treasured example of the breed, is staying with Outi Hubbard (our senior partner) for six weeks under the terms of a Power of...
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Funding Family Law Advice

The withdrawal of legal aid for family matters from 1 April 2013 is hardly likely to cause shock waves outside legal circles. In our current age of austerity when we are constantly being given the impression by economists that the country is on the edge of bankruptcy, any measure that...
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Home Ownership in London

The number of homeowners in London is in decline, according to recent reports. Figures show that nearly double the amount of Londoners between the ages of 25 and 34 are renting from a private landlord as those who own their property. Around 202,000 Londoners are home owners, whereas 380,000 are...
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Elderly Care in England

A report for the CentreForum think tank proposes drastic changes to elderly care in England. The report by Liberal Democrat Paul Berstow argues that winter fuel payments should become means-tested, in order to raise much of the £1.7 billion pounds needed for reforms in elderly care. The only pensioners that...
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