This may sound strange from somebody who has been practising Personal Injury law for many years.

There has been a sea change in the way claims are now conducted since the introduction of new regulations. This limits the amount of costs lawyers can recover from the other party.

That’s good news I can hear you say. Lawyers charge too much! I have no problem with change. However what concerns me is that the public at large might think that they can no longer be compensated for an injury..

It is true with small value claims; lawyers might not accept a claim. My fear is that members of the public will be put off from even enquiring about any claim. It is not just about “money” it is the help and advice we can give a client. This can be anything from Rehabilitation to Physiotherapy or advice on jobs if the client can no longer work. The impact of an accident can have a significant effect on the clients lifestyle.

Whilst there is always cost cutting there should never be a situation which could have an impact on YOU the client. We are prepared to consider your case on merit, so do not be frightened to call us.

Melanie Neale a Personal Injury specialist at Hammersmith law firm Hubbard Pegman and Whitney (HPW) has had past experience in dealing with all types of Personal Injury cases. Melanie says ‘that knowing your rights and who to ask for help is an important first step”


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