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British Keralites Onam Celebration

HPW are proud to have supported the Onam Celebration of British Keralites Association on 16th September 2017.

Over 500 people enjoyed the traditional vegetarian  lunch served on a banana leaf and enjoyed an afternoon of cultural festivities including traditional dances, songs, and an variety entertainment programme that kept the audience enthralled till 9.00 pm.

Onam is a harvest festival celebrated in Kerala, India and all around the world by the Keralite communities.  While the mythology behind it recalls the time of a mythical king in whose reign the country enjoyed prosperity, peace and equality for all.   A message that resonates with us all and we all aspire to in our own time and place.

 Peter Augustine, our Conveyancing Solicitor is an active member of the British Keralites Association and is involved in various charitable and development activities including conducting public speaking and personality development course for teenagers.

Grenfell Fire

In 2005 at 6am on a Sunday morning, the Buncefield Oil Terminal in Hemel Hempstead exploded with such force that it was said to have been the loudest explosion since WW2. Although a number of people were injured, nobody died, luckily because it occurred in a commercial area when most people who worked there were asleep at home.

This is not the case with the Grenfell fire. The images of the tower block burning and knowing that people were living there are heart-breaking. The community are pulling together to help. Questions are being asked as to how in the 21st century this can occur.

It will be hoped that those who might be responsible will come forward early and agree to help all those who haven effected.

Like with the Buncefield cases we were able to help individuals with a variety of problems.

Should you require any advice or help then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hubbard Pegman & Whitney to sponsor Bedford Park Festival 2017

The Bedford Park festival in Chiswick is one of London’s best arts and community events and this year marks it’s 51st event,taking place between the period 9th-25th June 2017. It raises money for St Michael’s and All Angels’ church together with local the Charities.

Partner, Charlotte Pegman said, “We are delighted to sponsor such a fantastic event. We have been involved for a number of years and it has been great to see the event grow both within the local community and further afield.”

For more information on the event and for a full calendar of events please visit:

Child Arrangements with Seasons Greetings

Christmas is traditionally a time for families, a season of good will to all. But what if you no longer live together as parents? Parenting after parting is no easy matter, even when relations are good, and that is not always the case. Each year in the lead up to the festive period, tensions mount, like an un-scratchable itch.  The reason? Well to some degree this involves a lack of planning or perhaps simply an understandable desire to avoid contact with an ex.  A few do’s and don’ts based on experience, personal and professional:


  • Make plans sooner rather than later;
  • Consider the practicality of what you are suggesting: where is everyone going to be and when?
  • Consider what the children want to do:  you know them best, what would do they really want to do?
  • Be flexible
  • Make any arrangements in writing so you are clear on what you have said and is going to happen.
  • Remember the law focuses on the children, their wishes and feelings and what they want, not on parents.


  • Leave everything until the second week of December……you can’t do this on Amazon.
  • Focus just on turns, as in “it’s my turn this year”: consider what your children want to do with you  and how you can do this
  • Pressurise the children by saying how much you will miss them etc: how would you feel in their shoes?
  • Tell their other parent what you have planned: parenting by dictat does not work, it causes resentment.
  • Respond to every email immediately and resist war by text: read, consider and respond to any proposal in a measured way.

If you start this dialogue earlier enough, clear arrangements can be made and if this proves impossible there is time enough for you to do something about it. Few family solicitors encourage going to court: it is a tool of last resort, but if you want a Judge to make a decision in time, bear in mind it will take weeks to get a case to an initial hearing, so sending papers to court must be done in a timely way. If you are having difficulty with your child arrangements, the assistance of a family lawyer can prove invaluable. HPW solicitors, based in Hammersmith, can assist you with all family law queries. Please contact our family law expert, Jim Richards, on 0208735 9787 or email,

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Merry Christmas from all of the team here at HPW Solicitors.

We are closed from 22nd December (5.30pm), re-opening on 3rd January 2017.

Please do get in touch via our contact form and the appropriate member of staff will reply upon our return.

Training and Networking

As a Solicitor, training is an ongoing requirement of my profession, to update knowledge, clarify concepts, challenge concepts and practices that do not seem to bear fruit and to take a fresh look at my own working style. Whether CPD points continue to be necessary for renewal of practising certificate or not, I firmly believe regular training is a necessity to maintain your sharpness and focus, and be successful in an increasingly competitive field.

Recently I was on a different type of training, one on how to make the best of networking opportunities. As always, a very rewarding and refreshing experience; being able to draw on the expertise of Neil Giller, the BNI trainer who has benefitted from networking for over 16 years.

People usually see networking as making contacts to create opportunities for your business. That is true. However, the BNI training gave networking a whole new meaning. It is not about making contacts, but making friends; developing knowledge, like/love and trust (KLT).

If you develop a contact that person may pass on your name, if he/she comes across someone needing the service that your business or profession offers. However, if you make a friend, that person will always look out for you, finding opportunities for you. More importantly, you have given that person the opportunity to be of assistance to someone else (family, friend), by offering the services of someone he/she likes and trusts (you).   Now, that changes the perspective of introducing clients, making it not a burden but a pleasure.

At HPW we stress on providing quality service and being accessible. We build relationships with our clients, without crossing the boundaries of professional relationship, who become not only our regular clients, but also our main source of new business through their own friends and contacts. It is networking in a very general way, because we strive to make every client know, like and trust us.  

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