At the end of the summer, I joined my final seat of my training contract. After only 3 months of being in the department, I can happily say how interesting the department was. I was in charge of carrying out so many Lasting Powers of Attorney during my seat. It was fascinating to see how people can request certain wishes if they were without capacity. It was a very thought provoking task to be drafting these instructions and preferences according to client’s needs.

I was also given the opportunity to draft a client’s will. I found that drafting a will can be done with the most simplest of language, even though it carries heavy instructions of the client’s final wishes. If in any way shape of form there is a confusion with a will clause or a clause causes some interpretation, it can lead to many complications. For example, if someone wishes to leave £10,000 to their friend Jane and leave no surname and address. It could confuse the executors who are trying to administer the estate. Questions such as “Who is this Jane? Where do they live? Which Jane are they referring to?” Drafting wills always made me rethink the ways to communicate wishes for clients.

I am very grateful to have worked with Outi, Ana, Sumer, Aisling and Pascale during my third and final seat. I enjoyed working in the probate department and it was very helpful to work with people who hold such a long background in Probate.

It was a short but memorable time working in the Probate department. Especially knowing this was my final seat before becoming a qualified solicitor.






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