Probate Fee Increase – Update

The Ministry of Justice has decided to postpone proposals to increase probate application fees, as the relevant legislation would not be completed before the snap election. The changes were due to be introduced in May 2017 and would have been based on the value of the estate, as follows: No...
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A Modern Look At Testamentary Freedom

In England and Wales, we are lucky enough to have testamentary freedom to leave our property to whom we want. The Supreme Court recently considered testamentary freedom in the context of the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 in the well reported case of Illot v Mitson. The...
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Probate Fee Increases

Against much opposition, the Ministry of Justice has decided to continue with proposals to increase probate application fees. Currently, a fixed fee of £215 is payable when personal representatives make a personal application or £155 when the application is made through a solicitor. The new probate application fees are based...
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Family Law: New Year Resolutions!

Family Lawyers identify two peaks each year: post summer holidays and post-Christmas/New Year; the number of new cases and enquiries seems to increase. Many have theorised, but the consensus seems to be that the pressure placed on relationships by unfulfilled expectations, a sense of déjà vu leads to this. Sometimes,...
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2016 – A Bad Year For Prison Officers

2017 must bring change, or more violence will follow.   2016 has shown the British public something that those working in and with the prison sector have known for some time – our prison system is at breaking point.   December’s riots at HMP Birmingham – dubbed the ‘worst riot since...
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Bigger than Birmingham

What the Birmingham Prison riot tells us about our Prison System.   On the 16th December 2016, HMP Birmingham was plunged into chaos when around 600 inmates initiated a prison-wide riot, having charged a prison officer and stolen his keys. The ensuing riot lasted 12 hours and was only brought...
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