At the law firm of Hubbard, Pegman & Whitney LLP, we provide representation in numerous areas of litigation for both individuals and businesses. We offer easy reporting methods and competitive fees for legal services including agency work and acting as a solicitor’s agent in London’s County Courts and High Courts.

At Hubbard, Pegman & Whitney LLP, we understand the frustrations that come from disputes that cannot be resolved.

Hubbard Pegman and Whitney LLP deal with commercial and private disputes including breach of contract, negligence including professional negligence, claims in nuisance, property claims. We have extensive experience in relation to insurance disputes including construction and engineering matters as well as fires and floods caused by defective equipment/product liability as well as poor workmanship.

The firm also deal with, consumer disputes, holiday and travel litigation, enforcement of judgments, multiple jurisdictions, claims for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.

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