Most people are unaware that conditions such as stress, depression, harassment, discrimination and other psychological hardships are compensatable injuries. Whether suffered due to personal injury or workplace injury, these hardships can take a toll on any person’s life.

Just like other negligent and wrongful acts perpetrated by other people, you may have a valid personal injury or work injury claim due to the psychological impact the accident has had on your life.

At Hubbard Pegman & Whitney, LLP, our London psychiatric injuries solicitors offer honest and straightforward evaluation of claims. With more than 40 years of combined experience helping victims and families cope with and obtain compensation for injuries, we are prepared to represent your rights and fight for maximum compensation and recovery.

Additionally, our Personal Injury Services Department offers supplemental care to clients and their families enduring difficult situations. These unique services benefit the short-term and long-term needs of many of our clients.

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Compensation for Psychiatric Breakdown

Our team of specialist solicitors prepares each case for litigation. We favour structured, negotiated settlement if it is in our clients’ best interests, but we are always ready to litigate if necessary. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and ensuring our access to justice.

If your productivity at work has been damaged by disabling stress, or if your life has been overtaken by depression, our team can help you recover from the following:

  • Overwhelming work above and beyond the scope of reasonable workplace responsibilities
  • Stress, depression or burdens resulting from personal injury or workplace injury

People often do not realise that these are compensatable injuries. These types of injuries require evaluation by professionals and sometimes advanced treatments.

Our injury compensation solicitors are experienced with these claims, and we can work to get you the maximum compensation you deserve for the help you require. Our compassion and professionalism are sensitive to the unique situation you have endured. We can help you get your life back.

Depression Lawyers serving Hammersmith, London, Wembley

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During the assessment, we will discuss the various funding options with you, including:

  • “No Win, No Fee” Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Private Funding, in some cases


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