Divorce and separation can be one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging times, with many different issues to think about and resolve before you are able to finalise your divorce and make a clean break.

Consideration needs to be given to the potential sale or transfer of the family home, division of any pensions, maintenance for you and the children, and the living arrangements for the children.

Our friendly, professional divorce solicitors in Hammersmith can guide you through the entire process, helping your divorce to go ahead as swiftly and smoothly as possible whilst ensuring a fair outcome for you and your loved ones.

We can help with everything from initiating and responding to divorce proceedings, to sorting out your finances and agreeing the arrangements for children. We also advise unmarried couples on separation, dissolution of civil partnerships and same- sex divorces.

Wherever possible, we will help you sort out your divorce without the need for court proceedings, keeping conflict and upset to a minimum, where possible. However, we have a strong track record of representing clients in divorce court hearings, so can offer our skills and expertise to get the best possible outcome for your divorce, no matter what approach is needed.

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How we can help you with your divorce

Initiating divorce proceedings

We can help you prepare and submit your divorce petition, ensuring all of the details are filled out correctly and that there are no mistakes or other issues that could hold up the divorce process.

Our divorce solicitors can advise you on issues such as what reasons to cite in the petition for the breakdown of your relationship to help make sure your petition will be accepted by a court while minimising the chances of your spouse objecting.

Responding to divorce proceedings

If your spouse has initiated divorce proceedings, we can advise you on preparing your acknowledgment of service and your response to any claim for costs made against you.

Divorce financial settlements – Financial Remedy

We are highly experienced in handling the financial side of the divorce, regularly helping our clients with everything from straightforward division of assets, by negotiation and consent,  to the most complex and contentious financial situations, involving court proceedings.

In most cases, we are able to negotiate financial agreements with the other party or their solicitor,  enabling a fair divorce settlement without the need for court proceedings. However, where a court-ordered divorce settlement is the only way to achieve a fair outcome for you, we can provide the empathetic and practical support you need at each stage of the court process.

Arrangements for children

Agreeing where your children will live and what contact each parent will have with them is often one of the most difficult parts of divorce and separation.

Some families decide that it is best for the children to spend part of the week with each parent. These arrangements are usually best resolved through voluntary agreement between the parents. This can be agreed between the parents themselves or via a family mediator. In the unfortunate event that these arrangements cannot be agreed, we can help and advise you on taking the issue to a family court..

Our divorce solicitors have extensive and specialist expertise in legal matters involving children, including disputes over issues such as parental responsibility, taking children abroad, educational and medical issues and changing children’s names following divorce.

Why our Hammersmith divorce solicitors are the right choice for you

Our friendly, empathetic and professional divorce law solicitors in Hammersmith encourage a simple, straightforward and stress-free approach to these matters. They will explain complex legal terms to you and help you to understand and navigate through this difficult time.

They also have strong experience with handling complex and contentious divorce proceedings, including representing clients in court hearings where required. By combining sensitive, compassionate support with pragmatic legal advice and representation, we are able to achieve positive outcomes for our clients under even the most challenging circumstances.

The family team work alongside our Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accredited Residential Property team, who can assist with the various property issues often involved in divorce and relationship breakdown, including selling your family home, buying new homes, remortgaging and transfer of equity.

They also work with our Wills department to ensure that you have peace of mind regarding your assets, once the divorce is over.

Other Family Law services

In addition to divorce matters, the family team provide advice and assistance in respect of the following: 

  • Domestic violence injunctions such as non-molestation and occupation orders
  • Pre-nuptial and post nuptial agreements
  • Financial provision for children following the separation of unmarried couples
  • Dissolution of civil partnerships
  • Same-sex divorces
  • The law relating to unmarried couples on a relationship breakdown (TLATA)

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