A report for the CentreForum think tank proposes drastic changes to elderly care in England.

The report by Liberal Democrat Paul Berstow argues that winter fuel payments should become means-tested, in order to raise much of the £1.7 billion pounds needed for reforms in elderly care.

The only pensioners that would continue to receive winter fuel payments are those who are eligible for pension credit. Therefore, around three quarters of the current recipients would lose their benefits. Many have claimed that cutting the allowance could cause more of the elderly to become ill and have far reaching implications.

The report comes after the Dilnot Commission recommended a cap of £35,000 on the amount individuals contribute towards their care over a lifetime.

As things currently stand, the elderly must pay for their own care if they have assets of more than £23,000.

Although the report from Paul Berstow and CentreForum proposes that the cap should be set at £60,000, it also proposes that individuals should not have to contribute unless they have assets of more than £100,000.

Further proposals include ending relief on Capital Gains Tax at death, which would raise around £600 million pounds towards elderly care.

The report merely adds to debate about how to pay for the care of the elderly in the long-term.


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