Partner Charlotte Pegman has been pleased to see that construction sites in the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire area have been put into the spotlight over the next three weeks as part of a safety guide to reduce the number of work place deaths and injuries.

In this area alone between the period 2006 and 2011 there were 3 fatalities and 250 injuries involving scaffolding in this area. This seems truly astonishing in this day and age.

Charlotte Pegman comments how scaffolding poses a significant risk to those involved in its construction and dismantling. The inspection team will be looking at sites with poor scaffolding and consider the planning in setting up the sites and the risks workers are put to.

Charlotte Pegman says that this is a great exercise taken out by the Health & Safety executive who tirelessly aim to reduce death, injury and ill health.

Charlotte Pegman of Hubbard Pegman & Whitney Solicitors specialising in Personal Injury Law, has represented many individuals who have been seriously injured on accident sites involving scaffolding. On most of these occasions a robust risk assessment of what was involved at the initial stages of the site construction, would have meant that serious injuries could have been prevented.

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