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Our Solicitor based in Hammersmith, Thanuja Oppilamany, explains below about looked into parenting your children with your ex-spouse/partner.

The relationship with your ex may have ended but when children are involved, your ex will indirectly be part of your life. However, as parents you will want the best for your children and for them to grow up with fond memories of their childhood.

Therefore, it would be advisable for you to have an agreement with your ex setting out how you want to share your time with your children, your wishes and any particular points you would like to highlight to them. Having an agreement helps to set boundaries for you to move on with your own life but also keep the peace at home.

For the English courts, the welfare of the child is the paramount consideration.

The court will not interfere if you both come to an agreement without any assistance from the court.

There are times when the assistance of the court is required to resolve issues which you and your ex cannot agree on.

If the court is asked to consider arrangements for the children, the judge would have regard to the following three principles:


  1. The child’s welfare is of paramount importance
  2. The court shall have regard to the general principle that any delay is likely to prejudice the welfare of the child
  3. The court shall not make any order unless is considers that doing so would be better for the child than making no order

In deciding whether or not an order should be made the court will have regard to the following factors;


  1. The wishes and feelings of the children (considered in the light of the child’s age and understanding)
  2. The children’s physical, emotional, educational needs
  3. The likely effect on the children of any change in their circumstances
  4. Their age, sex, background and any characteristic of theirs which the court considers relevant
  5. Any harm which they have suffered or are at risk of suffering
  6. How capable each of their parents and other person in relation to them are the court considers to be relevant of meeting their needs
  7. The range of powers available to the court under the Children Act in the proceedings in question

Our family lawyers at Hubbard Pegman & Whitney LLP have decades of collective experience assisting people across Hammersmith and West London by taking a pragmatic and realistic view of each of their client’s matters.

Amongst our highly skilled family team we have Primrose Hudson, a Family Consultant Solicitor with over 30 years of experience in Family Law, including experience in children proceedings. Primrose Hudson works closely with Thanuja Oppilamany.

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