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Our Solicitor based in Hammersmith, Thanuja Oppilamany, has explained about the increase in inheritance amount to spouses and civil partners in an intestate estate.

The current inheritance amount that spouses and civil partners are able to inherit from an intestate estate is £250,000.00. However, from 6th February 2020, the amount will increase to £270,000.00

Intestate is defined as when someone dies without a valid will.

If the deceased died without leaving behind any children, his or her estate will be inherited by the spouse or civil partner. If there are children, the partner will inherit all the personal property, the first £270,000 (as of 6th February 2020) of the estate and half of the remaining estate. The other half of the remaining estate will go to the children.

The term “partners” does not include unmarried partners. Therefore, it is important that unmarried partners have their intentions clearly written. This can be in a form of a:

  1. Will;
  2. Co-habitation agreement; or
  3. Declaration of Trust

Proving an unmarried couple’s right without written documents can be very difficult and a costly affair.

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Amongst our highly skilled family team we have Primrose Hudson, a Family Consultant Solicitor with over 30 years of experience in Family Law, including experience in divorce and finance. Primrose Hudson works closely with Thanuja Oppilamany.

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