In short the answer is yes. Charlotte Pegman, an experienced solicitor at Hubbard, Pegman & Whitney LLP considers whether a probate solicitor dealing with the administration of someone’s estate after they pass away, is the right person to deal with a dispute between the Executors/beneficiaries or any third party.

Charlotte Pegman at Hubbard Pegman & Whitney considers the pros and cons the dos in this area of law. Contentious probate is a specialist area of law and we have lots of experience of this at Hubbard Pegman & Whitney LLP in Hammersmith. Sometimes a contentious probate claim can result in High Court litigation but there are certain rules that will govern contentious probate before and after proceedings have been issued. Someone might find themselves in need of a contentious probate solicitor and they really should instruct a specialist rather than a private client solicitor or a commercial litigation solicitor. Often clients will come to the firm and they will have tried to resolve a dispute themselves in the first instance. Obviously if this works out then legal fees will not be paid and sometimes it preserves what can often be a tense familial relationship in the first instance. However, this may mean that a claim is not resolved for an amount of money which would reflect how a Court would view a dispute.

At Hubbard Pegman & Whitney Solicitors, we have seen all sorts of different scenarios and no two cases are ever the same. Below is a list of some examples of cases we have seen and we can help with. These have included:

  1. Where there is a dispute as to the occupation of the Deceased’s property
  2. Where there is a dispute as to the relationship between the occupant of the Deceased’s property and the Estate
  3. Where the person named in the Will as an Executor is not the best person to carry out the role effectively
  4. Where former partners of the Deceased’s state that they have a claim on the Estate of the Deceased even though they have not been involved in the Deceased’s life for many years
  5. Where an Estate has been depleted before the Deceased has passed away by someone other than the Deceased in questionable circumstances

Our contentious probate solicitors at Hubbard, Pegman & Whitney LLP have decades of collective experience assisting people across Hammersmith and London by taking a pragmatic and realistic view of each of individual case.

Amongst our highly skilled contentious probate team we have Charlotte Pegman, a litigation solicitor with over 24 years of experience. Maya Elci works closely with Charlotte Pegman also.

What makes Hubbard, Pegman & Whitney LLP effective in this area of law is the team approach which can be offered, working in conjunction with the experienced Probate department at Hubbard Pegman & Whitney LLP.

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