Can tenants stop paying rent because of the coronavirus outbreak?

Hammersmith Litigation Solicitor Maya Elci considers issues that can arise during the Covid-19 outbreak regarding delayed rents.

Tenants must note that there is no payment break or holiday in rent for tenants. Tenants must inform their landlords before pausing their rent and must obtain their landlord’s agreement before exercising any rent reduction or rent break.

Although some landlords can apply for a break in mortgage payments if they are struggling with receiving rents due to coronavirus, however, this option is not available for all landlords. Even if they are able to obtain a mortgage holiday, the landlords will have to make up missed payments plus interest at a later date. Tenants must appreciate that vast majority of mortgage holidays apply to residential properties and are not available to all landlords.

Hammersmith Litigation Solicitor, Maya Elci advises any tenants struggling with their rent to contact their landlord and explain their difficulties in order to obtain their landlords agreement to reduce rent or defer rent where possible. Landlords where possible must be sympathetic especially if the tenant’s income has been affected.  Parties must ensure that such agreement is in writing to avoid future litigations.

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