I would rather have a longer lie in on Friday mornings, but find myself waking up early and getting off to a business meeting that starts at 7 am.

May be it is madness, but I can assure you there is a reason for, and a method in, this madness.

Every Friday morning I am at the BNI meeting at Ealing Golf Course for a breakfast meeting of over 30 independent professionals and business men. The breakfast is good, but the opportunity to network with a range of professionals and tradesmen is fantastic.

It pays good dividends, not only in terms of the referral I get for our firm, especially the conveyancing department, from other members and their contacts. The group being close knit and regular creates relationships of trust and reliability. Others trust me to do the best for their clients and contacts in terms of anything related to property, conveyancing and any legal matters referred to me.

In turn, I have access to over 30 different professionals and tradesmen, who I know will provide a reliable service to those I refer to them. These include accountants, financial advisors, investment advisers, media and design professionals to surveyors, building contractors and related trades, printers and many others. What it means is that not only those coming to us for legal services get excellent services from us, but we can also direct them to other reliable services, adding value to our clients.

With HPW, it is never doing just what is required, but doing what is the best for our clients, including making available services that are beyond our domain.You can contact me if you need a service, even if it is not strictly legal or conveyancing related and I shall see if I can refer you to someone.

Peter Augustine –020 8735 9794/ pa@hpwsolicitors.co.uk


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