While there are many signs warning swimmers of risks of serious injury if they behave inappropriately in the pool, according to Robert Jackson, there has been an increase in litigation regarding swimming pools in another area.

In a recent article in PI Focus written by Jackson, there has been a recent rise in the number of people bringing personal injury claims in relation to contracting diseases associated with water contamination in swimming pools.

Swimming pools require water chemistry in order to keep a balance between all of the chemicals. While the water can be tested regularly, due to the foreign agents, such as those that come on the human body, it is almost impossible to stop the water from becoming contaminated.

Most are able to swim regularly without suffering from any of these risks, unfortunately in an improperly treated pool; diseases such as E. Coli can be contracted.

Other factors that also result in contamination of the water include those from the air, for example high water temperature compared with low air temperature and increase activity in the swimming pool will result in more chlorine being in the air as these conditions mean that the water is evaporating. According to Jackson, this is particularly hazardous to those who asthma sufferers.

Jackson suggests that all of this potential litigation is preventable by properly maintaining the pool; showing that this could be a problem very easily solved and should not affect many.

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