I first started my career working at Hubbard, Pegman and Whitney as a legal assistant in 2020 within the litigation department. I really enjoyed my time working and helping our personal injury clients with their claims. After being in university and studying cases like our clients, it was refreshing to see how to take action and progress the case further.

At the end of 2021, I was offered a position to be a trainee solicitor within the firm.

I can confidently say after working a whole month as a trainee solicitor it has been excellent working with my fellow colleagues on cases I used to assist to. I now have the freedom to create a good relationship with clients and work on drafting legal documents.

In the past month I have noticed the different levels of responsibilities given to a trainee solicitor, for example how to work towards a court deadline for a hearing or trying to draft court forms to finalise a decree absolute on a family matter. It still fascinates me and I am always learning and venturing out of my comfort zone to work harder in our department. It has been interesting trying to balance a global pandemic whilst working in a law firm but it has bettered me to think on my feet and make the best decisions for our clients.

I have enjoyed my time working as a trainee solicitor for the past month and I wonder what challenges and opportunities await me within the next 2 years.


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