As a Solicitor, training is an ongoing requirement of my profession, to update knowledge, clarify concepts, challenge concepts and practices that do not seem to bear fruit and to take a fresh look at my own working style.

Whether CPD points continue to be necessary for renewal of practising certificate or not, I firmly believe regular training is a necessity to maintain your sharpness and focus, and be successful in an increasingly competitive field.

Recently I was on a different type of training, one on how to make the best of networking opportunities. As always, a very rewarding and refreshing experience; being able to draw on the expertise of Neil Giller, the BNI trainer who has benefitted from networking for over 16 years.

People usually see networking as making contacts to create opportunities for your business. That is true. However, the BNI training gave networking a whole new meaning. It is not about making contacts, but making friends; developing knowledge, like/love and trust (KLT).

If you develop a contact that person may pass on your name, if he/she comes across someone needing the service that your business or profession offers. However, if you make a friend, that person will always look out for you, finding opportunities for you. More importantly, you have given that person the opportunity to be of assistance to someone else (family, friend), by offering the services of someone he/she likes and trusts (you). Now, that changes the perspective of introducing clients, making it not a burden but a pleasure.

At HPW we stress on providing quality service and being accessible. We build relationships with our clients, without crossing the boundaries of professional relationship, who become not only our regular clients, but also our main source of new business through their own friends and contacts. It is networking in a very general way, because we strive to make every client know, like and trust us.


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