Veera suffered a terrible road traffic accident in 2010 whilst visiting the UK prior to entering further education in her native Finland. Her case has taken 5 years to reach its culmination.

With the help of the team at HPW, we are pleased to share that all efforts ensured the case was a success. We spent time with Veera discussing her experiences of HPW over the last 5 years:

Can you give some background on your case and the services that HPW provided…

I had a personal injury claim against an insurance company for injuries sustained in a road traffic accident in 2010. The driver was intoxicated and lost control of the car, causing me various injuries to my spine, neck, brain and face.

It was a long process, taking up to five years, to gather all the relevant evidence for the court from medical and other experts, family, friends and eyewitnesses. The entire process of collecting data was organized and handled by the HPW solicitors. They also informed me and arranged all other relevant matters, such as insurances in case of defeat, necessary payments to the court, and mediating between myself and others involved in the case.

How would you describe your experience of using HPW Solicitors?

I am very satisfied with the help given to me by the HPW solicitors. Despite of various sensitive aspects of my case, they handled it very professionally and were always highly considerate towards me.

Would you recommend HPW Solicitors to somebody else who is looking for a Personal Injury Solicitor? If so, why?

I would warmly recommend HPW solicitors to somebody else looking for a Personal Injury Solicitor. The communications were always very warm making the process less burdensome and painful. My case was handled with extreme care and caution in order not to miss any important evidence or facts from the Court. I always felt like my case was in good hands and never had to doubt the sincerity or effort of the solicitors. My case was successful and my losses were compensated to a great extent.

Having been injured in the UK, did you find comfort in the fact HPW have a Finnish lawyer with close links to the Finnish Consul?

I was informed about HPW solicitors by the Finnish embassy in London. In the beginning it felt quite important to have somebody there speaking my native language; however, I felt equally confident using English language.

I would like to thank Charlotte and the rest of the HPW team for their continued support throughout the entirety of the case. They have been extremely understanding and diligent in what have been some difficult circumstances.

We are pleased to confirm that Veera has gone on to complete her education at Malmo University despite her very limiting injuries.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident or know someone who has, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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