Area of Law covered

I work in the Litigation department as a Legal Assistant at Hubbard Pegman & Whitney LLP


I completed my BA in Theology at King’s College London in 2020 and have recently undertaken a GDL conversion at The University of Law. I wanted to go into Law as it allows you to engage with a wide range of topical issues that affect all of our lives, if not now, then most definitely in the future.

Brief Overview of Career

I joined Hubbard Pegman & Whitney in April 2022 as a Legal Assistant in their Litigation team.

Why you love what you do

Litigation requires extensive research on very particular subjects to formulate a strong case. It is enjoyable seeing the different aspects of a case unfold and piece together to create a convincing argument. I also love the strategic aspect of negotiation and the back and forth nature of litigation. Sometimes the process can be long and arduous but reaching a satisfying conclusion for the client makes it all worthwhile.

Personal Interests

In my free time I love going to gigs and playing bass guitar in a band. I am very passionate about supporting new artists and the independent music scene. I also enjoy many sports, particularly football and cricket, both of which I watch and play regularly.