Today the Queen’s speech included legislation that would force developers and landlords to comply with tougher safety standards, following the Grenfell disaster.

The new regulations are considered a major reform in the sector in the last 40 years and aim to impose greater obligations on developers and landlords specifically relating to high-rise buildings.

The government aims to go further than the Hackitt’s proposals by “providing clear accountability for, and stronger duties on, those responsible for the safety of high-rise buildings throughout the building’s design, construction and occupation, with clear competence requirements to ensure high standards are upheld”.

The new amendments will include new sanctions to discourage non-compliance with the system. Further, a stronger framework would also ensure construction products meet performance standards.

The amendment will include introduction of new homes ombudsman which developers will have to join, the ombudsman will perform as a watchdog in order to protect the interest of the people and to hold developers accountable.

Hammersmith Property Litigation Solicitor Maya Elci notes that tenants and buyers of such properties have to ensure that they are aware of the landlords/developers obligations and take necessary actions to ensure compliance.

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