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Our divorce Solicitor based in Hammersmith, Thanuja Oppilamany, has broken down the Child Maintenance Service (CMS).

When Parents split and children are involved, the CMS works with HMRC to work out a parent’s earning from all incomes, savings and investments.

The earning(s) is used to help analyse how much the parent who does not have the everyday care of the child/children will pay to the parent with full main carer of the child/children.

There are parents who are considered complex earners who earn money through various methods

Child maintenance can be paid:

  1. Between parties
  2. By employer’s of the parent from his/her earnings.
  3. Direct debit
  4. Reducing from the parent’s benefits

If a parent does not pay the maintenance, CMS will get involved and try to resolve it.

CMS must be informed of any changes. The parent who pays the maintenance must tell CMS if his/her income changes by 25% or more. Both parents must tell CMS of any changes such as address, child-care arrangements, professional and personal details.

At Hubbard Pegman & Whitney, our team of specialist solicitors based in Hammersmith, assisting people across Hammersmith and West London in relation to their children proceedings, are here to help you.

Amongst our highly skilled family team we have Primrose Hudson, a Family Consultant Solicitor with over 30 years in Family Law, including experience in divorce, children arrangements and finance. Primrose Hudson works closely with Thanuja Oppilamany.

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