At Hubbard Pegman and Whitney we are conscious that access to legal advice is a significant problem for some members of our community. For this reason at regular intervals one of the firm’s family solicitors (Bik Wong) gives an advice session at Chelsea Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Families Need Fathers.

Every fortnight at Chelsea CAB, clients with family problems are able to obtain advice from Bik; be it about relationship breakdown, disputes concerning children, or perhaps more unusual family disputes within the wider family circle: for example, disagreements about a deceased person’s will.

Families Need Fathers is a pressure group which seeks to keep on the public radar, the very real and distressing problems that some fathers experience when they separate from their former wife or partner. In some cases after separation, geographical distance is a significant barrier to them maintaining regular contact with their children. Sadly and regrettably in some cases residual conflict between the parents results in fathers not seeing their children for significant lengths of time. In certain extreme cases the members lose contact with their children completely.

Participating in the meetings of Families Need Fathers requires compassion and strength. Where the members are involved in legal proceedings concerning their children we point them in the right direction at the meeting. We also welcome members becoming clients of our firm for as little or as much advice as they need, be it writing a letter to the court on their behalf, or indeed more extended assistance.

These two strands of activity have one thing in common this being our recognition of the need to take legal services to our community.

Any enquiries on family law should be directed to Bik Wong on 020 8735 9770


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