Women and indeed men will look in a mirror and say to themselves how can I improve my looks?

There are many medical procedures that will enhance ‘your look’. This can cover anything from an invasive procedure such as breast enlargement, facelifts, brow lifts to botox injections. There are always dangers to these procedures which have resulted in injuries.

From June 2016 these procedures are to be regulated, Doctors who carry out cosmetic procedures must advertise and market their services responsibly, give patients time to change their mind and prioritise patient safety, as set out in new guidance from the General Medical Council (GMC). The guidance has been produced following a review of the cosmetic industry in England. This covers both surgical (e.g. breast augmentation) and non-surgical (eg Botox) procedures. The guidance forbids procedures being offered as prizes, stops doctors allowing salespeople to misrepresent treatments, and requires comprehensive record-keeping of consultations and outcomes.

Additionally, the Royal College of Surgeons will be launching a certification scheme later this year allowing patients to search more easily for a surgeon with the appropriate training and insurance for the procedure they are considering.

One hopes that with these regulations, claims relating to Cosmetic Procedures will fall. However it may be argued whether these regulations go far enough. For example there are other treatments such as laser treatment which can cause burns and damage to the skin which can also include scarring. A hairdresser uses products that can be extremely dangerous if they are not used with proper skill and care. Any reputable hairdresser or therapist must carry out certain tests prior to applying these.

Melanie Neale a Personal Injury specialist at Hammersmith law firm Hubbard Pegman and Whitney (HPW) has had considerable experience in dealing with all types of Cosmetic procedures claims, including cases involving the Silicone Breast Enlargement, laser and hairdressing cases. Melanie says she hopes that these new regulations will be the start of a series of steps that will start to better protect the consumer.


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