The Powers of Attorney Act 2023 is almost here. Once in place, it promises to modernise the process, making things easier, more efficient and more secure. Here’s a quick guide explaining all of the changes you need to know.

How does the LPA Application Process work?

The main headline is that powers of attorney will be moving with the times. So if you need a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), the process should now be more straightforward, faster and and more secure. The LPA application process is being digitised in order to make it more efficient.

This means that:

  • LPAs will be able to be made entirely digitally, without the need for extensive physical forms.
  • The registration time will be faster. Any errors that may be present in the application can be found sooner and fixed online.
  • LPAs will be more secure. Identity checks are being introduced to block attempted fraud.
  • The objection process will be more efficient, meaning any roadblocks can be worked through quicker. There will also be a wider group of people who have the opportunity to make an objection.
  • Legal executives can now certify copies of LPAs.

For many years now, the LPA application process has been in need of reform. It has moved too slowly, which can be a real problem if emergency strikes suddenly and you need an LPA drawn up. The Powers of Attorney Act 2023 looks to change that.

As a firm, we are looking forward to being able to move more quickly to secure LPAs for our clients once these changes are in place.

Are some people being left behind by the Powers of Attorney Act 2023?

We are also very glad to see that the traditional paper process has not been scrapped. For those unable to access the internet, or who are more comfortable using physical paperwork, they will still have that option. Not only that, but the Office of Public Guardian has said they intent to optimise and improve the paper service at the same time. It is great to see that accessibility for everyone has been considered when making these changes so that nobody has been left behind.

At Hubbard Pegman & Whitney we are looking forward to seeing these changes in practice. If they are as promised, they will allow us to work more quickly and securely. The Powers of Attorney Act 2023 is in its testing phase currently but if it comes together properly, it could be a great step forwards in helping everyone access efficient legal support that better keeps up with their needs.

So if you would like to find out more about LPAs, EPAs, and the difference between the two you can read about them here. Do get in touch with one of our experienced Hammersmith probate solicitors today to get started making a new Power of Attorney or updating your current one.

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