As one of the firm’s trainee solicitors, I have now ventured into my second seat of my training contract. My second seat being Conveyancing.

This involves helping clients with the various residential or commercial property matters. I can say for a fact that this seat is very different to my first seat in Litigation. The Conveyancing department have been very welcoming since I joined their department. I have to admit before joining the department, I had my worries on how I would cope. I had not worked in conveyancing before and the last time I studied conveyancing was in 2019 (pre pandemic). However it has been a pleasant surprise working in the department. It has been quite a strange change to see how another department deals with cases. The main two differences I have noticed whilst being in the conveyancing department is as follows:

The opposite side solicitors

As my first seat was Litigation, it was always known that the opposition is working for their client and not on your side. Obviously there is a key goal to try and settle the case as soon as possible and not to waste the courts time. However, since joining the Conveyancing department I have realised this is not the case. The opposite side solicitors have the same goal as your firm which is to reach completion for your clients. This is the same for a sale or purchase etc. The idea is that both side of solicitors are working for their own clients and making sure the matter is dealt with in a timely manner which is refreshing.


As I mentioned above I found it refreshing to see how quickly a residential or commercial property matter can be dealt with in our firm. In the last 3 months I have managed to complete 4 matters so far which started in January 2023. Many clients have even stated that they were very impressed with our fast paced environment, and our ability to tackle even the most difficult challenges head on. In comparison, the Litigation department deals with a many claims which have multiple levels to evidence their claims or to try and settle. It was interesting seeing the different paths one claim could make at the beginning. This it shows how unalike the two departments are.

Overall, for the past 3 months I have enjoyed my time working with the conveyancing department. I often feel like I learn something new every day. I am grateful for Peter and Gurpal who often have to hear my random questions on why we have to complete such forms on a matter. They have greeted me with such kind atmosphere. Only 3 months left in the Conveyancing department until I move to my next department. In three months’ time I will be completing my final seat in Probate.


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