A horse rider who was hit by a car whilst out hacking has received compensation for her injuries in an out-of-court settlement.

Sarah Nash was riding her horse, Scooby, along a road near the yard where he was stabled when the accident happened. A car approached, travelling at speed, and drove too close to the horse and rider. Miss Nash was unable to take evasive action as there was a high bank to her left.

The wing mirror of the vehicle struck Ms Nash’s right leg with such force that the mirror was torn from its housing.

While Scooby was unhurt, Miss Nash suffered a whiplash injury and developed post traumatic stress disorder.

When she was able to begin riding again, she was scared to go down the road where the accident happened and felt compelled to move her horse to another yard.

The driver of the car later admitted that he was travelling too fast and had failed to leave enough room when overtaking the horse and rider.

Miss Nash won compensation totalling £12,000, which took into account her physical and psychological injuries as well as the cost of moving her horse to a different stable.


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