If you are the trustee of a charity, you should make sure that you download, read and understand the implications of new guidance for charity trustees on managing conflicts of interest, which was issued recently by the Charity Commission and can be found on its website.

The Commission has been taking a progressively more robust attitude towards enforcement where the management of a charity is found lacking, and there have been a number of investigations and instances of action being taken in recent years.

Recently, the former trustee of a charity was jailed for misappropriation of charitable funds, an outcome that could have unfortunate repercussions for co-trustees if they are deemed to have been negligent in exercising their duties as trustees.

Being a charity trustee is a serious business these days, and trustees should ensure – if only for their own protection – that they are aware of their rights and responsibilities and are very active in exercising them.

The Charity Commission’s website contains detailed guidance for charities and trustees.


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