Spring cleaning is the tradition of extensively cleaning and arranging one’s home or living area specifically during the Spring season. There is no better time than now to get stuck in as summer gets steadily closer. As a family practitioner Spring is also a time of relevance for our clients. Although spring cleaning and family law may not have an obvious direct connection, there are ways in which they can coincide or overlap.

Divorce or Separation

Spring cleaning can coincide with family law if you are going through a divorce or separation. As part of the end of your union, you may need to divide property, assets, and household belongings or establish a new living arrangement. Sorting through documentation is the first step to obtain information on what assets there are. The division of matrimonial assets during divorce will mean that documents such as property valuations, mortgage statements, title deeds and trusts will need to be reviewed. Spring cleaning will give you the opportunity to declutter, organize, and make decisions about personal property, which may be relevant in your divorce proceedings.

Child arrangements

Child living arrangements and contact is a common consideration during a divorce or separation. Should your child be spending time in your home, maintaining a clean and safe environment is essential. Spring cleaning can involve deep cleaning, decluttering, and organising the living space to ensure it is suitable for children. This can be relevant if you are trying to establish or modify custody arrangements or if you want to create a positive environment for your children during contact. Your home may be assessed during children Court proceedings to determine whether it is suitable for your child to spend any time there or even live there. Ensuring there is a clear area for your child to sleep, study and play in is essential.

Domestic violence

Victims of domestic violence can often live with the perpetrator. This can lead them to associate their home with trauma. Spring cleaning can be an opportunity to secure the home, remove potential hazards, and maintain a safe living environment. The removal of belongings that cause distress and allow you to renew your home may benefit you on the road to recovery. If you are involved in domestic violence proceedings, it may be necessary to gather evidence, document incidents, and keep records that may be relevant to legal proceedings.

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